Dr. Carlo Giaquinto

Coordinator of Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS
Associate – Department of Paediatrics of Padua University


1982 Graduation of Medical and Surgical Faculty at Padua University
1983 Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Infectious disease, Institute of Child Health, London
1986 Specialization in Paediatrics in Padua University


1986 Fellow at Immunology Department, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York.
1988-1993 Associate doctor, Department of Paediatrics of Padua University ULSS-21.
Since 1989 Professor at Paediatrics School in Padua University.
Since 1993 Associate doctor, Department of Paediatrics of Padua University ULSS-21
1996-1997 WHO-World Health Organization, Geneva, consultant for the Program of Management of Paediatric Diseases
Since 1985 Scientific coordinator of Paediatric AIDS Centre in Padua for research projects in the areas II-III-IV-V-VI-VII-VIII-IX, research programmes 1 and 2 of AIDS project– Superior Institute for Health (in charge Prof. F. Zacchello)
1986 Promoter (together with Prof. C.S.Peckham) of Collaborative European Study regarding natural history of HIV infection in paediatric age group
1989 WHO consultant for paediatric AIDS, specially in matters regarding breast feeding and pregnancy
1990-1994 Member of Executive Committee (as Italy's representative) within Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS (PENTA) of European Union. European coordinator of research project PENTA 2.
1991 Beneficiary of financing in domain 5 of the project SIDA-ISS and of the project of antiretroviral therapy of the Superior Institute of Health.
Since 1992 Member of Executive Committee of the European Forum of Children and Families Affected by HIV/AIDS, concerted action of European Union. 1993-1999 Project Coordinator for the concerted action of Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS of European Union (63 European paediatric centres). 1995-1996 Beneficiary of financing within the project AIDS and it's social aspects, Superior Institute of Health (projects 1°-2°-3°)
Since 1995 Coordinator of the project Organization of a network to ensure assistance to families affected by HIV, within the programme Europe Against AIDS (EU).
Since 1995 Coordinator of PENTA Project, financed by European Community within the programme BIOMED II.
1996-1997 World Health Organization, UNAIDS, Geneva, consultant for project WHO/UNICEF: training course on management of childhood diseases. 
Since 1996 Scientific advisor of Moschino Foundation, Project SMILE.
Since 1997 Member in National Committee for Fight Against AIDS and other infectious diseases, Ministry of Health.
Since 1997 Coordinator of project Sunflower Smile Day Clinic Network in Romania, financed by Romanian Angel Appeal, Romanian Ministry of Health , world Bank, Franco Moschino Foundation.
1998-1999 Project coordinator and President of the project "A good model of alternative family assistance for HIV/AIDS affected children", within European Union's programme "Europe against AIDS". 
Since 1998 Member of Committee for Therapeutic Solidarity Funds, financed by French Ministry of Health and European.
Since 1998 Coordinator of project Pedianet: data base build-up in order to be used by paediatricians in Italy.
Since 2000 Project coordinator and President of the project "Implementation of strategies to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV among immigrants in Europe: evaluation of the knowledge and the needs of immigrants women in Europe", part of European Union's programme "Europe against AIDS".

Publications and conferences

He held over 150 seminaries, conferences and speeches in different Italian universities and abroad, as well as during International congresses. 
Author of three monographies of paediatric AIDS.

He published: 
  90 articles in international journals
  72 articles in National journals and different chapters in English and Italian books
  120 papers at congresses with published results